Senior High Jazz
July 18-24, 2021

Designed for senior high instrumentalists, this program focuses on developing individual performance skills in a combo-based setting. All students will be placed in combos. Classes include combo rehearsals, masterclasses, improvisation, jazz listening, harmony, and history seminars. Students who have written original compositions are encouraged to bring them to this program. The final concert will feature all combos.

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On the opening Sunday of their program, Senior Jazz participants will audition for placement into combos.

Jr. and Sr. Jazz - Jazz participants should prepare the below music. Audition music is the same for both junior and senior jazz programs.
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax

Bass Trombone
Electric and Upright Bass

Typical Senior Jazz Daily Schedule

Faculty Artists:

Chip McNeill, Saxophone and Chair of the Jazz Division

In addition to his position with the University of Illinois School of Music, Professor McNeill is Musical Director and Jazz Tenor Saxophonist for Grammy award-winning recording artist, Arturo Sandoval. He has toured with and recorded the compact discs (CDs) Americana and Hot House with Arturo Sandoval. In 1998, Hot House won a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz recording. To his credit, Professor McNeill won a Grammy for his performance on Hot House, and two of his charts were nominated for Grammys from the recording. Professor McNeill also has performed and toured with the legendary jazz trumpeter, Maynard Ferguson, with whom he has produced, written, and performed on several CDs, including Live in London, These Cats Can Swing, and Maynard Ferguson's final CD, The One and Only. He has recorded performances with Nat Adderley, David Liebman, Duffy Jackson, Ira Sullivan, the Woody Herman Orchestra, Ted Shumate, and Larry Willis. Professor McNeill's most recent CD is "The Whirl" on Armored Records. Read more about Professor McNeill here.

Ron Bridgewater, Saxophone
Tito Carrillo, Trumpet
Larry Gray, Bass
Joan Hickey, Piano
Joel Spencer, Drums