Students may qualify for a number of merit-based scholarships to attend ISYM. Options include:

  • ISYM Achievement Award
  • All-State and All-Illinois Junior Band Participant’s Scholarship
  • IHSA and IESA Solo and Ensemble Best of Day Scholarship
  • SuperState Participant’s Scholarship
  • Other Opportunities & Community Organizations

Please note the following scholarship guidelines:

  • Scholarships from the list above can be combined totaling up to $100.
  • ISYM Achievement Award recipients may stack their award with other scholarships totaling up to $200.
  • Scholarships from outside organizations can be in any amount up to the total cost of attendance.

You can read more about each option below.

ISYM Achievement Award

This $100 scholarship will be awarded to selected participants each summer during ISYM. Recipients will be able to use the scholarship towards the tuition of any ISYM camp that is offered during the following summer. This award may not be transferred to other applicants. This is the only award that allows total scholarship amount to go over $100 per program.

All-State Participant’s Scholarship

This $100 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who participated in an Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) All-State ensemble or All-Illinois Junior Band as an individual during the same year. Applicants from other states will also receive this scholarship as long as documentation is submitted to ISYM showing participation in an All-State ensemble at their state’s MENC All-State Conference.

IHSA and IESA Solo and Ensemble Best of Day Scholarship

This $75 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM individual applicant* who received a Best of Day certificate at an Illinois High School Association (IHSA) & IESA Solo & Ensemble Contest during the current year. The scholarship recipient must provide a copy of the Best of Day Certificate along with a music director’s signature.

SuperState Participant’s Scholarship

Students who are participating in the Illinois SuperState Concert Band Festival with their school’s concert band are eligible for a $50 scholarship. Eligible recipients must email with their name and the name of the school they are attending to claim their scholarship.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Other musical accomplishments similar to those listed above will be considered if submitted via email to If you are affiliated with one of the organizations below, contact them in order to learn about scholarships that they have available for ISYM applicants.

*unless the section or instrument/voice part is closed due to maximum enrollment.

ISYM announces the establishment of the Illinois Summer Youth Music Scholarship and Support Fund. You can support our efforts to reach further and bring more students to campus to experience ISYM and the University of Illinois by contributing to this fund.

To give, please visit the School of Music Giving Page.