ISYM Policies

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given in the following instances:

  1. The full refund of all payments will be made in the case of a closed or cancelled program, or do not meet minimum camp requirements.
  2. In the case of scholarship funds received from a third party such as school music boosters, refunds will be made directly to those organizations.
  3. An application requires a minimum of $50 non-refundable deposit.
  4. Full payment is required by May 15 in order to maintain a participant’s registration.
  5.  Cancellations received for participants after May 15 and before 3 weeks prior to the first day of his/her ISYM program will receive a 50% refund
  6. No refund will be given to participants under the following circumstances: those who cancel less than 3 weeks prior to the first day of instruction, those who depart early, or arrive late.

Standards of Conduct

For the safety and well-­‐being of all students attending Fine & Applied Arts Virtual Summer Programs, the following STANDARDS OF CONDUCT will be in effect for the duration of the program. Students in violation of these regulations risk expulsion. Refunds will not be authorized.

FAA Summer Programs celebrate and value diversity as a strength. We intentionally cultivate an inclusive climate in our daily endeavors as faculty, staff, and students. We are committed to respecting differences; accepting multiple perspectives; and striving to identify, disrupt, and rectify bias, prejudice, and oppression in our classrooms and community.

  1. Students participating in any virtual FAA summer program are expected to attend all instructional classes and activities, and to exhibit proper behavior during all sessions.
  2. Disrespectful language, disruptive behavior, bullying, or any other form of harassment or discriminatory behavior is not tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal.
  3. All program participants must cooperate with University staff in the performance of their duties.
  4. The use of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages is not allowed while attending the program. Students found to be in violation of this regulation will be dismissed.
  5. Firearms, knives and other weapons of any type and toys that resemble them are strictly prohibited; illegal gambling is strictly prohibited.
  6. Illinois Summer Youth Music reserves the right to assign each applicant according to his/her placement audition.