What to bring


  • Please be sure that your instrument is in excellent condition before you arrive.
  • Bring pencils and a collapsible music stand with your name clearly marked on it.
  • We suggest that students with larger instruments bring a shoulder-strapped case or a small folding two-wheel dolly to transport instruments to and from the rehearsal and concert sites. For very large instruments (euphonium, tuba, string bass, and bari sax), ISYM will provide transportation to the different locations on campus.
  • REED players should bring extra reeds.
  • BRASS players should bring standard mutes and valve or slide oil.
  • STRING players should bring extra strings, mute, and rosin. Cello and double bass players should bring an end pin rest.
  • PERCUSSIONISTS must bring sticks and mallets (for snare drum, mallet keyboards and timpani), practice pad and stand, pitch pipe (or tuning fork) and a small stick tray towel. Students in the Percussion Week program do not need to bring a folding music stand.
  • JAZZ  and ROCK PROGRAM DRUMMERS must bring cymbals, sticks and carpet to go underneath. (Drum sets are provided by ISYM in rehearsal spaces).
  • GUITAR AND ELECTRIC BASS players must bring a practice amp for daily rehearsal use and any necessary cords. An amp will be provided for the final concert.

FINAL CONCERT DRESS: For Choir, Band, Orchestra and Jazz participants: Black dress pants (no jeans) or skirt (knee length or longer); white dress shirt. Dark dress shoes and socks are required (no tennis shoes, please). Pre-college participants should bring appropriate dress clothing for the final concert.

EVERYDAY CLOTHING: Bring casual yet appropriate clothing for rehearsals and campus activities; suitable attire for RAINY and COLD weather; we suggest bringing at least one dress shirt, pants/dresses for the evening recitals. (Please do not wear jeans or tennis shoes to these events.) Students are strongly encouraged to bring an umbrella as well as sweaters or jackets for rehearsals; AC is COLD on campus! Comfortable walking shoes are also highly recommended.

DO NOT BRING: expensive jewelry, cooking appliances, or excessive spending money ($8-10 in cash per day is a reasonable amount to budget). Students will be able to store money and other valuable items in their locked closet. The University and ISYM are not liable for theft, loss, damage or destruction of personal property.

Participants may not bring or operate any “wheeled” vehicles (including but not limited to: skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, etc.). Participants must travel on campus by foot during ISYM.

Residents are responsible for keeping their room door locked. ISYM is not responsible for loss of or damage to property, induced accident or injury, costs of improper use of fire alarms and any other expense incurred by the participant while attending ISYM.

ISYM reserves the right to withhold privileges and/or dismiss any participant at any time for any of the following reasons: possession or use of alcohol or illicit drugs, unacceptable dress, vulgar or discriminatory language or improper conduct.