Types of Classes

ISYM participants will engage in many different types of classes throughout their day at ISYM. You can see a daily schedule of classes on your program's main information page. Read about the different types of classes below.

Chamber Music Rehearsal: In Pre-College programs, participants will be placed in small, mixed-instrument ensembles based on their auditions. Examples of chamber music ensembles include brass quintet, wind quintet, string quartet, and saxophone quartet. Chamber music ensembles are coached by Pre-College coordinators and assistants and will perform on a Saturday chamber concert.

Electives: Students in most programs will have an hour to engage in music classes that explore a focus other than that of their program. Elective courses offered in 2021 will include music technology, improvisation, music history, piano, ukulele, music theory, guitar, and more. Click for descriptions of each elective for 2021.

Large Ensemble Rehearsal: In large ensemble programs, students will meet several times a day with the group into which they are placed based on audition. Rehearsals are led by top music educators from around the country. Rehearsal assistants are also available to help students in rehearsal throughout the week.

In most Pre-College programs, students will have the opportunity to participate in large like-instrument ensembles such as Trombone Choir or Saxophone Choir. These ensembles are led by Program Coordinators

Master Class: Participants perform solo repertoire for program coordinators in front of other program participants to receive feedback and coaching on their performance. Master classes offer an opportunity to practice performing in front of others and receive constructive feedback from their instructors.

Techniques/Fundamentals: Participants practice instrument fundamentals in a large group setting led by program coordinators and instrument instructors. Students are with a group of students who play the same instrument. Techniques/Fundamentals classes offer an opportunity for student to practice basic performance fundamentals in a large-group setting and receive feedback from their instructors.

Sectionals: Led by ensemble assistants or instrument instructors, students receive small-group coaching on large ensemble music. Sectionals offer students to receive small-group feedback on their band, orchestra, or choir music as well as get additional practice time on challenging aspects of this music.

Warm-Up: Some Pre-College programs, especially brass, start the day with a Warm-Up class. Similar to a techniques class, participants will practice basic instrumental techniques and fundamentals to prepare for a busy day of performing, as well as learn about the importance of developing a structured warm-up routine. Warm-up classes are led by program coordinators and assistants.