Complete Listing of Electives

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Audio Recording (description forthcoming)

Beginning Piano
Students will explore basic piano techniques and learn how to perform simple pieces on the piano. The class is taught in our Piano Lab with a specialist in beginning piano pedagogy. No prior piano experience is necessary.

Careers in the Arts (Pre-College Week Only: )
Designed for students interested in studying music in college, this seminar will allow students to explore potential careers in the arts. Taught by several career development personnel at The University of Illinois, students will learn about developing a portfolio, applying to college music programs, and the wide range of careers available to students with a degree in music.

Students will engage in basic music theory skills and apply this knowledge towards creating their own original compositions. Students will also listen to and examine well-known compositions. The course will be taught by current graduate students at The University of Illinois. No prior experience in composition and theory is necessary.

Computer Music Applications Taught in our state-of-the-art music computer labs, music technology allows students to produce their own original electronic music. From beat making to electronic composition, students will explore the innovative software and processes of creating their own original electronic works. All equipment needed for the course will be provided by ISYM.


Led by experienced music conductors, students will learn basic conducing patterns and observe the conducting technique of other well-known conductors. This elective is designed for students with no prior experience in conducting. If you've had conducting experience as a drum major, you may want to consider an elective other than conducting since you will already know some of the basic material taught in this class.

Beginning guitar offers students the opportunity to explore basic guitar skills. You'll learn hand positions, basic chords, and strumming patterns. By the end of the week, you'll be able to perform simple tunes. Guitars will be provided and no previous experience is necessary.

Music History
Students will gain a general overview of historical eras of music. Taught by current teaching assistants at the University of Illinois, students will explore the historical developments of Western Classical Music as well as some World Music traditions.

(description forthcoming)

Rock Band/Songwriting (only session 2-4)
Want to learn how to write your own songs? By exploring works by master song writers, our instructors will guide you on creating original lyrics, melodies, and chords for your own songs. This elective is open to students of any instrument or vocal part. No prior rock band or songwriting experience required.


Ukulele is quickly becoming a popular "jam" instruments for students. Learn how to perform basic skills and songs in this course designed for beginners. No previous experience necessary, and ukuleles will be provided by ISYM!