Student Safety and Wellness

At ISYM, the safety of every participant is our number one priority. Please read below for information about the precautions we take.

Medical Care: Our counselor staff are all trained in emergency and first-aid procedures. There is always a counselor on “sick call” 24 hrs. a day during camp whom students can report to for any medical needs.  First Aid supplies and over-the-counter medications are available in the main ISYM office at PAR. Medical services are available within the Urbana-Champaign area 24 hours a day, including emergency care at Carle Foundation Hospital and Clinic.  Those needing medical attention are taken to an urgent care clinic for treatment (in most cases). The ISYM staff will contact you immediately by calling the emergency number(s) given on the medical form. Every attempt will be made to make contact with the person(s) listed on the medical form. In the event one cannot be contacted, ISYM will leave a detailed message whenever possible. In the case of serious illness or medical emergency, the advice of the attending physician will be followed. It is the responsibility of a parent or guardian to pay for any medical treatment given during ISYM. This includes (but is not limited to) medication or prescribed drugs, surgical procedures, and emergency transportation.

Communication: At ISYM, we use a variety of communication methods to keep in touch with participants. Text applications such as "Remind" help the administration and counselor staff communicate vital information to students including inclimate weather warnings, schedule changes, and important information for evening activities. Participants will receive information at their first floor meetings on how to enroll in text messaging alerts. Parents can also opt in to our parent "Remind" group. Information on how to enroll will be provided at the Parent Meeting on registration Sunday. The camp newsletter, "The Daily Downbeat," is posted every morning in the PAR lobby.  It contains information about schedules, activities, and final concerts and should be read by all participants. This will also be emailed daily to all parents and sent out via "Remind" to all students enrolled in alerts. There are a few ways parents can communicate with their students at camp:

Supervision: During the day, participants are supervised by ISYM teaching staff. After 5:00PM, participants are supervised by ISYM counseling staff that accompany them to evening events and conduct numerous head checks throughout the evening. Counselors live in the dorms with the participants and are available 24 hours a day for support. The counselor to participant ratio is approximately 1:15. Participants staying between sessions will be supervised by on call counselors.

Security: ISYM requires all visitors to check-in with the ISYM counseling office to obtain a visitor’s badge. All ISYM participants, employees, and visitors must wear ISYM identification at all times. The Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall (PAR) is staffed 24 hours a day by hall monitors. The front doors are locked 24/7. Only residents and authorized visitors are allowed access. Inside of PAR, participants must swipe their housing card to gain access to the rooms. Boys and girls are housed on separate floors and are only allowed on the floor of the gender to which they identify.

Off-Campus Permit: ISYM participants, with the proper authorization, may leave the ISYM designated area for special events (for example, going out to eat with a roommate and roommate’s parents). Parents must complete the “Permission to Leave” form on the first day of camp and submit it to the ISYM Counseling Office. A photo ID is required in order to check a student out during ISYM.