ISYM Scholarships and Financial Aid

The total amount of scholarships listed below is limited to $100 per ISYM program. In order to receive any of the scholarships listed below, an ISYM enrollment application must be completed by May 15.

ISYM Financial Aid Application

Illinois Summer Youth Music Financial aid is available for students who demonstrate interest and potential as well as financial need. Students of any background are encouraged to apply. Financial aid applications will be reviewed on April 1, and awards vary depending on need. All students requesting financial aid are required to apply to their ISYM program to be considered.

STEPS TO APPLY for Financial Aid

  1. Complete the Illinois Summer Youth Music application form.
  2. Complete an Illinois Summer Youth Music Financial Aid Application.
  3. In the Financial Aid Application, upload a copy of your most recent income tax return and provide the contact information of one reference (private music teacher, school music teacher, or school guidance counselor).
  4. If selected for a Financial Aid Award, ISYM will notify you at the email address provided in the application.
  5. Accept your Financial Aid award and pay $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your ISYM enrollment.
  6. Complete the ISYM application process.

Illinois Summer Youth Music will notify you via email if you are awarded financial aid. You must accept your aid offer by the date listed in the email to receive your award.  If you do not accept your offer, the funding will be awarded to another candidate. An offer of financial aid does not guarantee enrollment in your program. All students requesting Financial Aid are required to apply to their ISYM program and pay the $100 non-refundable deposit to receive your financial aid award.

ISYM Pre-College Scholarship

Students who graduate 11th grade in 2020 and who participate in the below pre-college programs during Summer 2020, will be considered for the ISYM Pre-College Scholarship.  This scholarship awards $2,000 to the selected students to attend a Music degree program at Illinois starting in the Fall 2021 term.  To receive the award students must apply and be admitted to the University of Illinois with any Music degree as the “first choice” major.  The Scholarship will be renewed for a total of four years provided the student stays in good academic standing and make progress to the music degree.  Other conditions of the scholarship may be included on official scholarship notice sent after the offer of admission.

Eligible Pre-College programs:

ISYM Achievement Award

This $100 scholarship will be awarded to selected participants each summer during ISYM. Recipients will be able to use the scholarship towards the tuition of any ISYM camp that is offered during the following summer. This award may not be transferred to other applicants. This is the only award that allows total scholarship amount to go over $100 per program.

All-State Participant’s Scholarship

This $100 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who participated in an Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) All-State ensemble as an individual during the same year (for high school students only.) Applicants from other states will also receive this scholarship as long as documentation is submitted to ISYM showing participation in an All-State ensemble at their state’s MENC All-State Conference.

IHSA and IESA Solo and Ensemble Best of Day Scholarship

This $75 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM individual applicant* who received a Best of Day certificate at an Illinois High School Association (IHSA) & IESA Solo & Ensemble Contest during the current year. The scholarship recipient must provide a copy of the Best of Day Certificate along with a music director’s signature.

Illinois Superstate Concert Band Festival Scholarship

This $50 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who performed in a concert band that was selected for participation in the Illinois Superstate Concert Band Festival during May of the current year.

All-Illinois Junior Band Scholarship

This $50 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who performed as a member of the All-Illinois Junior Band in January, 2020.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Other musical accomplishments similar to those listed above will be considered if submitted via email to If you are affiliated with one of the organizations below, contact them in order to learn about scholarships that they have available for ISYM applicants.

*unless the section or instrument/voice part is closed due to maximum enrollment.

ISYM announces the establishment of the Illinois Summer Youth Music Scholarship and Support Fund. You can support our efforts to reach further and bring more students to campus to experience ISYM and the University of Illinois by contributing to this fund.

To give, please visit the School of Music Giving Page.

Scholarships to ISYM 2019 have been awarded by: