ISYM Auditions

Most ISYM programs require participants to perform an audition on the first day; however, the following programs do NOT have an audition: Rock Band, Hip-Hop, Music Technology, and Composition. The audition determines placement of students within the large ensembles and for the pre-college programs, it serves as an assessment that determines solo and chamber ensemble repertoire. Audition material varies by program and may include sight-reading. Some of the material is available for download below. BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN TO FIND THE MATERIALS FOR YOUR SELECTED PROGRAM.

Audition Procedure

1. Before arriving at ISYM, look up and prepare your ISYM audition music (see below).

2. Arrive at the lobby of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts between 8:00-10:30am the Sunday of your program to check in for your auditions. Check in to your audition before checking in to the dorm.

3.When students go through the audition line, they will receive and audition time and location.This assigned time will allow the participant a chance to warm up before the audition.

4. Warm up in appropriate location (assigned) before assigned audition time.

5. Report to your audition room at the assigned time. Most auditions will conclude before noon.

6. At the conclusion of your audition, you may check in to your dorm at PAR.

7. Audition results will be posted before the first rehearsals and meetings on opening Sunday. Students can grab lunch, take a campus tour with their floor, and finish moving in to their dorms before these results are posted.

Late Audition Procedure

ISYM can make arrangements for late auditions. If you plan on arriving after 11:00 am on the opening Sunday of your program, please contact us ahead of time at and we can make arrangements for a late audition. Students who are late due to unforseen circumstances will also be granted a late audition. Call the ISYM counseling office (217-333-5209) if you are running late and we will make arrangements for a late audition.

Audition Music is posted on individual program pages.