Intermediate Piano

June 24 - 30, 2018

For students completing grades 7–11

Designed for advanced junior high and senior high pianists at intermediate levels of performance. Classes include private lessons, development of individual artistry, and elective classes including: ensemble music, accompanying and beginning jazz improvisation. Recitals, topic classes, and masterclasses complete the curriculum. Practice time is available in the same state-of-the-art facilities used by piano majors at the University.

Audition requirements

On the first day, students play two contrasting, memorized pieces and sight-read easier short excerpts. This helps determine placement in lessons and classes.  Though the audition requirements are the same for all piano programs, repertoire is chosen based on the student's ability and level of advancement.

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Coordinator: TBA


Adrienne Wiley, Central Michigan University


Dr. Adrienne Wiley is currently Professor of Music at Central Michigan University where she teaches and administers the piano pedagogy program at the bachelors degree level, and teaches applied and class piano. Dr. Wiley received her bachelors and masters degrees in piano performance from the University of Kansas, and her doctor of musical arts in piano performance and pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Wiley's dual focus on performance and pedagogy keeps her active in both areas: she maintains an active performance career as a soloist and collaborative pianist, and also has given workshops, presentations, and lectures throughout the state, mid-west, national, and international levels.

Dr. Wiley is certified through the Music Teachers National Association at the state and national levels. She has served MTNA (national level) in many capacities: most notably the Local Associations Awards Chair, the MTNA Senior Performance Competitions Chair, and other select committees. She has also served on the Historical Research Committee for the World Piano Pedagogy Conference. She has been active in the Michigan Music Teachers Association as President, Past President, Vice President, Teacher Education Chair, Commissioned Composer Chair, the state MTNA Collegiate Brass/Woodwind/String/Chamber Competitions Chair, and now is serving as the 2016-2017 President, Collegiate Chapters Chair, and is on the Certification Committee for the state of Michigan, and as the East Central Division Certification Commissioner at the national level. Wiley received the nomination for Teacher of the Year for the MTNA national level (2013); received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Michigan Music Teachers Association (2013); and received the Touchstone Award (2014) through the Michigan Music Teachers Association and the Michigan Youth Arts Council.

In her spare time, Dr. Wiley has authored articles that have appeared in American Music Teacher Magazine, Keyboard Companion, Clavier magazines, and the Clavier-Companion. She has also reviewed the book, One-Handed: A Guide to Piano Music for One Hand for the Journal of the Music Library Association, and has been a frequently invited reviewer of piano music and books for the Music Teachers National Association’s American Music Teacher magazine.

Dr. Wiley’s specialty is one-handed piano music: she has written articles on the topic, delivered workshops at the state, mid-west, national and international levels. She was invited to present at the International Society of Music Education in Brazil, 2014, and at the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers National Conference in Canada (2015). In addition, she has been invited to present again at the International Society of Music Education in Glasgow, Scotland (2016). Because of her interest in one-handed piano music, Wiley commissioned a left-handed piece by American composer Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee called “Adventurous Saga,” which was premiered in 2013.

Summer finds Dr. Wiley teaching at the Interlochen Arts Academy Summer Piano Camp and the Illinois Summer Youth Music Program’s piano camps, where she has been a faculty member for the past twelve summers. In her spare time, you will find her teaching her private students, practicing both the piano and the organ, researching and writing, and performing her specialty: single-handed piano music.