ISYM Scholarships

The total amount of scholarships listed below is limited to $100 per ISYM program. In order to receive any of the scholarships listed below, an application must be completed by May 15.

  • ISYM Achievement Award

    This $100 scholarship will be awarded to selected participants each summer during ISYM. Recipients will be able to use the scholarship towards the tuition of any ISYM camp that is offered during the following summer. This award may not be transferred to other applicants. This is the only award that allows total scholarship amount to go over $100 per program.

  • All-State Participant’s Scholarship

    This $100 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who participated in an Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) All-State ensemble during the same year (for high school students only.) Applicants from other states will also receive this scholarship as long as documentation is submitted to ISYM showing participation in an All-State ensemble at their state’s MENC All-State Conference.

  • IHSA and IESA Solo and Ensemble Best of Day Scholarship

    This $75 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM individual applicant* who received a Best of Day certificate at an Illinois High School Association (IHSA) & IESA Solo & Ensemble Contest during the current year. The scholarship recipient must provide a copy of the Best of Day Certificate along with a music director’s signature.

  • Illinois Superstate Concert Band Festival Scholarship

    This $50 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who performed in a concert band that was selected for participation in the Illinois Superstate Concert Band Festival during May of the current year.

  • All-Illinois Junior Band Scholarship

This $50 scholarship will be awarded to any ISYM applicant* who performed as a member of the All-Illinois Junior Band in January, 2015.

  • Other Scholarship Opportunities

    Other musical accomplishments similar to those listed above will be considered if submitted via email to If you are affiliated with one of the organizations below, contact them in order to learn about scholarships that they have available for ISYM applicants.

*unless the section or instrument/voice part is closed due to maximum enrollment.

ISYM announces the establishment of the Illinois Summer Youth Music Scholarship and Support Fund. You can support our efforts to reach further and bring more students to campus to experience ISYM and the University of Illinois by contributing to this fund.

To give, please visit the University of Illinois Foundation and be sure to indicate "Illinois Summer Youth Music Scholarship and Support Fund."

Scholarships to ISYM 2016 have been awarded by:

    Alton Band and Orchestra  Builders
    Alton Youth Symphony
    Argo Band Parents
    Batavia Music Buffs
    Batavia Woman’s Club
    Belvidere Women’s Club
    BHS Musc Boosters-Belvidere
    Bill May Jazz Education Fund
    BOPA - District 64
    Brownsburg Band Boosters
    Carl Sandburg Music Boosters
    Carlinville Band Boosters
    Champaign Central Band Boosters
    Champaign-Urbana Symphony Guild
    Chris Lange Memorial Scholarship
    Coles Cty. Arts Council
    Corey Diamond Memorial Scholarship
    CU Music Teacher’s Assoc.
    Dist. 84
    Dist. 92
    Dist. 200 Music Boosters
    Do Re Mi Band Parent Club
    Dunlope Scholarship-Alton High School
    East Peoria High School
    Elk Grove High School
    Elmhurst Instrumental Music Boosters
    Evergreen Park HS Music Booster
    Franklin Instrumental Music Boosters
    Geneseo Performing Arts Council
    Geneva Music Boosters
    Geren Stith Scholarship
    Golden Lyre Foundation
    Hester Jr. High Choral Dept.
    Homewood PMA
    Hoopeston Music Boosters
    Illinois Symphony Guild of Springfield
    Jacksonville Assoc. for Music
    Janice C. Meyer Summer Music Scholarship
    Julie Stix
    Kankakee Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra Association
    Lagunitas Music Scholarship
    Lakes Area Swing Band, Inc.
    Lombard Elementary Schools Dist. #44
    Marshall Schools
    Martha McCrory Foundation
    Monticello Music Boosters
    Morning Etude
    MPA-So. Century Jr. High School
    Northbrook Dist. 28 Music Parents
    Orpheus Club-Marguerite Nenne Scholarship
    PAMTA-Peoria Music Teachers
    Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council
    PBL JHS student council
    PEHS Band Boosters, Plainfield
    Perrino Urbana Bands Scholarship
    PHIL- Prospect Heights Instrumental League
    Plainfield Middle School
    Plano Middle School
    Pontiac Township HS Music Boosters
    Springfield H.S Summer Band Camp Scholarship
    St. Patrick Church
    Sun City Assoc. of Huntley
    Sycamore Music Boosters
    Symphony Orchestra Guild of Decatur
    Troy Band Boosters
    Tuscola Woman’s Club
    Unit 7 Music Boosters
    Unity Music Boosters
    Waubonsie Valley Band Boosters
    Wheeling Instrumental League
    Willowbrook Music Boosters
    Yorkville Music Boosters
    Zion-Benton HS Dist 126