Daily Schedule

Because of the large number of programs offered at ISYM, there are many different daily schedules in a given week. For exact daily schedule information, refer to specific program pages on this website. Students will be provided a finalized schedule at their first Sunday program meeting. Instruction typically begins at approximately 8:15 and ends at 4:45. Dinner is at 5:15, and evening activities run from approximately 6:30 until 10:00 pm. Each evening, students participate in a series of head checks with their counselors and are continuously supervised.

Commuter Pick-up and Drop-off

When a commuter participant should be picked up and dropped off each day depends on whether or not the student will be eating meals at PAR or participating in the evening activities. Commuter parents should plan on dropping their child off at PAR by 8:00 am (if they will not be eating PAR breakfast) and pick them up at PAR at 4:45 (if they are not eating PAR dinner or participating in evening activities). Please refer to the meal schedule for exact meal times if your child will be eating meals at PAR.

If students plan on participaing in the evening activity, they should be at the 6:30 head check for their assigned floor. They will need to attend the entirety of the evening activity and should meet their parents at the ISYM counseling office in PAR at the conclusion of the activity at approximately 10:00 pm.

Evening Activities

Check back at a later date for our evening activity schedule.

Final Concert Schedule

updated August 28, 2018